Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why you shouldn't join a social networking site or forum

They are making money out fo you or are trying to. That the whole point of online forums. By typing long pieces of text and submitting it to a forum you are in essence giving the forum owners valuable pieces of information that helps them rank higher on the search engines and makes them more money. Its true. If you don't want to give selfish admins of forums money then don't bother going on them. They wouldn't do the same for you... say for instance if you posted loads of great posts then said "hey why not go on my forum that i just created" they would just ban you and keep all the content you wrote for them, yes they are that selfish.
Plus you don't get any practical advise from people on forums on advise from boring people with no life's who have nothing better to do then just post on the forum all day.

So why not instead of giving idiots who you don't even know free content that helps them earn more money.. why not instead just post what you have to say on a blog at least that way you get all the credit for you writing and will earn points yourself from the search engines and if you have ads on you blogs you will get visitors to your blog because you have just posted some good content and then you will rank more highly... with the visitors you will then start earning a little bit of money... by just saying something you where going to say anyway on a forum. This also is the same with social networking sites like twitter..why limit yourself to 120 characters or what ever it is..just tell you friends to subscribe to your blog and you will be earning money!

Loads of people do this to earn money! Its a big business!

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