Thursday, 28 March 2013

Something annoying...

Our old blog that we made like this one was ruined because people where simply ripping.. stealing in other word our articles from our blog that we wrote and republishing it on there own website. They did this so quickly that our website to search engines where penalized because the bot must of thought that we where the ones duplicating content. Hopefully this will not happen to this website.
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Pinhole glasses

Pinhole glasses do they work what do they actually do?

Pinhole glasses work by training your eyes to focus more efficient and more accurately this is how they can make you see more clearly  Your eyes are made up of lots of different muscles that each do a job. Like all muscles in your body you need to keep them fit and strong, but as you get older your muscles weaken.. 
This is one of the reasons why as you get older your eye sight can loose its ability to see clearer and you find that you are either having to move closer to see things or have to move further back to stop things being blurry.

You have muscles in the back of your eyes that must change shape to changing light if these muscles are not strong they become less good at their jobs.

To help strengthen your eyes (something of which laser eye surgery does not do) you can wear pinhole glasses. Specially made pinhole glasses that are just like sunglasses only with specially placed pinholes on the lenses will help to strengthen your eye muscles and thus strengthening and enhancing your focusing efficiency and abilities.

It doesn't take much effort.. you only need to wear them each day for 15 minutes whilst doing something like watching tv or reading a book (do not wear them while doing something that could be dangerous with limited vision).
After a month some people have said that there eyesight has dramatically improved!
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Why you shouldn't join a social networking site or forum

They are making money out fo you or are trying to. That the whole point of online forums. By typing long pieces of text and submitting it to a forum you are in essence giving the forum owners valuable pieces of information that helps them rank higher on the search engines and makes them more money. Its true. If you don't want to give selfish admins of forums money then don't bother going on them. They wouldn't do the same for you... say for instance if you posted loads of great posts then said "hey why not go on my forum that i just created" they would just ban you and keep all the content you wrote for them, yes they are that selfish.
Plus you don't get any practical advise from people on forums on advise from boring people with no life's who have nothing better to do then just post on the forum all day.

So why not instead of giving idiots who you don't even know free content that helps them earn more money.. why not instead just post what you have to say on a blog at least that way you get all the credit for you writing and will earn points yourself from the search engines and if you have ads on you blogs you will get visitors to your blog because you have just posted some good content and then you will rank more highly... with the visitors you will then start earning a little bit of money... by just saying something you where going to say anyway on a forum. This also is the same with social networking sites like twitter..why limit yourself to 120 characters or what ever it is..just tell you friends to subscribe to your blog and you will be earning money!

Loads of people do this to earn money! Its a big business!

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Three Ways to help you appear taller

How better to start of our brand new blog with a captivating article that will help many if not everybody who reads it. The aim of our first article is to help people grow or appear to grow taller. It is easier than you may think.
Many people just settle for there height without doing anything about it. There are ways and methods and even things you can wear to help increase your height which you may not have known about. But let me first point out that it is near impossible to start growing again if you have already have stopped growing natural (when your growth plates have fused). But all is not lost because i will be telling you the various ways you can look taller.

If your growth plates haven't already fused together you may want to make sure that you are eating the right foods and getting plenty of nutrients and vitamins in your diet as this is essential if you are looking to grow the tallest you can be and not to stunt your growth as lack of nutrition isn't good at all.

For those of you who are thinking that this information is useless because you have stopped growing then stretching exercises are for you and shoe lifts too.
Lets first begin at telling you more on stretching exercises and why they will help.
Stretching exercises simply improve your posture plus they help you to combat the pressure that your body is constantly going through from gravity pushing down on you! By having better muscles to support your spine and also not hunching as much people can gain quite a bit of height just by being more aware of there posture and also doing a few stretching exercises just as you wake up... because this is when you are tallest when gravity hasn't had chance to decompress your spine yet.
Anyway that is just one of the ways that may help you... another even easier way is actually quite clever and some may call it cheating but who's to know. Shoe lifts in other words insoles that you insert in your shoes have been used by many across the world to add a extra bit of height to them. They are much more hidden and discrete than elevator shoes or high heels are are much more affordable and wont cause discomfort due to orthotics (i will talk about orthotics and the benefits of orthotics in another article).

So there you have it three very different ways that may help you increase your height.

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We are open to business

This blog aim at looking at varying topics that well i think of. Some of you may find the information provided on this blog of use, if you do then please feel free to bookmark or tweet about our blog to your friends. Spreading the word of our blog will mean we will be able to dedicate more time and effort on providing you with the best possible and most informative articles we can. There is only  small team of writers that write the articles on this blog but we try to be unbiased (most of the time anyway) and we try to offer alternative wherever we can so that the reader has a choice to pick from as there aren't not always set ways to do things.
If you are still unclear at why we even bothered setting up this blog in the overcrowded world of the internet then ask your question below and check back later for a very detailed answer.
Not only will we providing articles but also pictures and art work too. This is because sometimes pictures are much better than words and speak a thousand words.

So welcome to our blog. We are now officially open to business!

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