Thursday, 28 March 2013

Pinhole glasses

Pinhole glasses do they work what do they actually do?

Pinhole glasses work by training your eyes to focus more efficient and more accurately this is how they can make you see more clearly  Your eyes are made up of lots of different muscles that each do a job. Like all muscles in your body you need to keep them fit and strong, but as you get older your muscles weaken.. 
This is one of the reasons why as you get older your eye sight can loose its ability to see clearer and you find that you are either having to move closer to see things or have to move further back to stop things being blurry.

You have muscles in the back of your eyes that must change shape to changing light if these muscles are not strong they become less good at their jobs.

To help strengthen your eyes (something of which laser eye surgery does not do) you can wear pinhole glasses. Specially made pinhole glasses that are just like sunglasses only with specially placed pinholes on the lenses will help to strengthen your eye muscles and thus strengthening and enhancing your focusing efficiency and abilities.

It doesn't take much effort.. you only need to wear them each day for 15 minutes whilst doing something like watching tv or reading a book (do not wear them while doing something that could be dangerous with limited vision).
After a month some people have said that there eyesight has dramatically improved!

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