Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Three Ways to help you appear taller

How better to start of our brand new blog with a captivating article that will help many if not everybody who reads it. The aim of our first article is to help people grow or appear to grow taller. It is easier than you may think.
Many people just settle for there height without doing anything about it. There are ways and methods and even things you can wear to help increase your height which you may not have known about. But let me first point out that it is near impossible to start growing again if you have already have stopped growing natural (when your growth plates have fused). But all is not lost because i will be telling you the various ways you can look taller.

If your growth plates haven't already fused together you may want to make sure that you are eating the right foods and getting plenty of nutrients and vitamins in your diet as this is essential if you are looking to grow the tallest you can be and not to stunt your growth as lack of nutrition isn't good at all.

For those of you who are thinking that this information is useless because you have stopped growing then stretching exercises are for you and shoe lifts too.
Lets first begin at telling you more on stretching exercises and why they will help.
Stretching exercises simply improve your posture plus they help you to combat the pressure that your body is constantly going through from gravity pushing down on you! By having better muscles to support your spine and also not hunching as much people can gain quite a bit of height just by being more aware of there posture and also doing a few stretching exercises just as you wake up... because this is when you are tallest when gravity hasn't had chance to decompress your spine yet.
Anyway that is just one of the ways that may help you... another even easier way is actually quite clever and some may call it cheating but who's to know. Shoe lifts in other words insoles that you insert in your shoes have been used by many across the world to add a extra bit of height to them. They are much more hidden and discrete than elevator shoes or high heels are are much more affordable and wont cause discomfort due to orthotics (i will talk about orthotics and the benefits of orthotics in another article).

So there you have it three very different ways that may help you increase your height.

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